Tren-Ace-Max amp

Tren-Ace-Max amp

Brand: Maxtreme
Availability: In Stock
Package: 100 mg/amp. (10 amp.)
Substance: trenbolone acetate

Tren-Ace-Max is an anabolic steroid created by Maxtreme Pharma to deliver the maximum effects in the shortest amount of time. With the active ingredient being trenbolone acetate it has a much weaker androgenic effect than regular testosterone, with an anabolic effect that is 5 times stronger. With this being noted, it needs to be mentioned that the drug stays in the body for up to 5 months and can be detected by testing, so it needs to be used with caution if the goal is to use it before competition.

Due to the extreme nature of this pharmaceutical, it is recommended that only athletes with experience using steroids and professionals use trenbolone acetate. Potential side effects, cost, and powerful effects make other lighter steroids a better choice for beginners.

Effects Of Trenbolone Acetate:

With effects being noticed as soon as the steroid is taken, athletes can expect to see effective gains in muscle mass (up to 10kg per cycle), major increase in power indicators, increased sexual desire, lower levels of cortisol, and increased fat burning rates.

Aromatization is not a factor with this drug, so the typical side effects of gynecomastia, acne, and water retention are also not a regular occurrence. Withdrawal symptoms are also minimal.

How To Use:

With a relatively low period of action (about 12 hours), doses should occur once every other day with an ejected dose of 50-100mg. A proper diet should be maintained during the cycle to achieve maximum gains.

For athletes that extend the cycle duration to 1.5 or more it is recommended that gonadotropin is added after the 2nd week and continued for 3 weeks after the cycle is over to maintain the natural levels of testosterone in the body.

To improve results further, testosterone enanthate or nandrolone can be added to the cycle. If fat burning is the goal, Winstrol is added for maximum effect.


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