Trenbolone-Only Cycle Effective for Bulking?

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Trenbolone-only cycle is one of the most effective and valuable cycle for athletes. But, you should keep in mind that Trenbolone is one of the harsh steroid. Other steroids are also very harsh but Trenbolone is even more. Trenbolone is basically for veterinary steroid and it is not an anabolic steroid that is designed form humans. If you are willing to follow a Trenbolone-only cycle, then you should completely understand about Trenbolone and how it would affect your body and physique.

Basics of Trenbolone-Only Cycle

Trenbolone is one of the most versatile steroid and it works best in both cutting as well as bulking cycle. the dose needed in both the cycle is quite similar to each other. The most common and recommended duration of Trenbolone cycle us up to 8 weeks, however, there are many bodybuilders who some time follow 12-week cycle. Trenbolone is not meant to be used for eight weeks’ cycle. Somewhat, Trenbolone must be used only as a part of cycle, not in an individual cycle.

Primary Trenbolone Cycle for Beginners

If you are a beginner steroid user and plan to take Trenbolone cycle, then the best way for you to start is to taking smaller doses in order to avoid the possibility of side effects. You can start taking Trenbolone acetate at the initial stages. The acetate ester is very short ester. If you are willing to take longer ester such as Trenbolone enanthate then you should keep in mind that the risk of experiencing side effects will also be increased as Trenbolone enanthate remain in the body for a longer period of time.

The initial cycle of Trenbolone-only must not exceed the limit of 50 mg of Trenbolone acetate every alternative day or sometimes 150 mg in a week. The weekly dose should be divided into three equal parts. This dose should be taken for the one complete cycle of Trenbolone. The dose range is more than enough for both the cutting or bulking cycle.

Greater Dose Trenbolone Acetate Only Cycles

Many of the users of Trenbolone would not exceed the moderate cycle of Trenbolone as it is very powerful. There are many skilled steroid users who often take the longer ester of Trenbolone. However, the Trenbolone acetate is also very powerful and highly effective when it comes to stability and maximum performance of the individual. The concrete and moderate Trenbolone cycle initiates with the dose of 75mg every alternative day and then it increases to 100mg every other day. But you should proceed with extreme care and cautions as the higher doses would definitely cause some horrible side effects that can be health threatening.

Most of the time, steroid experts and bodybuilders suggests that adding other steroids in the cycle can provide more results. They suggest adding aromatase inhibitors or fat burners. Although the Trenbolone only cycle is not something that every performance enhancer prefers but it is highly popular among the bodybuilders participating in a competition. There are many bodybuilders who consume 150 to 200mg of Trenbolone but only for a short period of time. However, this dose can be very dangerous as it may significantly increase the possibility of side effects and cardiovascular problems.

Even though, if you are taking higher doses for very short period of time, the chances of experiencing lethal side effects and cardiovascular problems are high. You should strictly avoid taking a dose of 100mg per day in order to avoid the negative impacts on the overall body. You should patiently take lower doses at initial stages and increase it gradually. At the end of the cycle, you will get your desired results.

Trenbolone Cycle Effects

Trenbolone Enanthate is one of the strongest ester of Trenbolone. It is known by multiple names which are:

  • Tren
  • Tren Pimples
  • Fin
  • Tren E
  • Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (Parabolan)

The popularity of Trenbolone enanthate is due to multiple reasons. One of the main reason is that Trenbolone enanthate helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body which leads towards burning more amount of fat resulting in loss of weight. Another reason of its popularity is that it increases the efficiency of absorption of feed from the intake on nutrients. Due to this increase in feed efficiency, more amount of meat is generated in cattle. This effect is not much effective when it comes to human.

All the professional runners and performance enhancers who are willing to take non-aromatizing anabolic steroid should take short doses of Trenbolone enanthate. It could be very effective in building lean muscle mass in the body.

Trenbolone-Only Cycle Side Effects

Trenbolone acetate and Trenbolone enanthate provides great amount of androgenic qualities. Due to which users can accidentally take overdose or they might experience some dangerous negative impacts which are:

  • Facial Acne
  • Aggressive Nature
  • Inflating
  • Gynecomastia (male breasts)
  • Loss of hair
  • Oily skin

Athletes and body builders who have a prior history of estrogen formation in the body should add an anti-estrogen like Nolvadex, Clomid or Arimidex at the end of their cycle in order to avoid these side effects from happening and get the maximum benefits.

Gynecomastia is one of the major side effect of Trenbolone. It occurs due to the Trenbolone progestin-tempting elements. So, it is highly recommended to take a high quality aromatase inhibitor. There are many side effects that might occur while you are on a Trenbolone-only cycle and these side effects might not be controlled. These side effects include loss of hair and swelling problems. There is no assurance provided that the users of Trenbolone would not experience the condition of gynecomastia, tension or any other side effects like cardiovascular issues. Other side effects might include:

  • Nervousness
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Night sweats
  • Sleeplessness
  • Quick heart rate (tachycardia)
  • Abridged libido

Reducing Trenbolone Negative Impacts

You can minimize the risk of experiencing condition of gynecomastia by taking a proper aromatase inhibitor such as Letrozole or Arimidex. For combating the loss of sex drive problem you can use exogenous testosterone. For the first cycle, you should probably start with some gentle steroid like Anavar.

Ultimately, you should conduct your own research and read all the reviews about the steroids very carefully. One thing that you should keep in mind prior to taking Trenbolone is that it can cause aggression in your nature.

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